EnduroCalc is a computer application that can be used to create an enduro route sheet.

What is a Route Sheet?
A route sheet (roll chart) is basically a long thin strip of paper that lists information needed for staying on time in a motorcyle enduro. The route sheet lists all the points that can be used as timekeeping checks as well as start controls, known controls, gas stops, etc.

Why would I want a route sheet?
For competitors, using a route sheet mounted in a holder on your handlebars helps you stay on time and alerts you to where the checks could possibly be. Okay, your computer does a lot of these functions, but you can scroll a route sheet ahead to see what is coming up. It provides additional information to the computer and helps you get the best score possible.

For Event Organizers Too!
For clubs putting on an enduro, EnduroCalc can be an invaluable tool to help you lay out your run. If you know you want a known control at a given mileage, no more doing math in your head to figure out what keytime should be at that mileage, EnduroCalc will tell you! Finding what tenth to put your speed changes on becomes a snap

EnduroCalc is free!
EnduroCalc is free to download and use. The authors are racers and event organizers too and want you to have access to this helpful computer program.

EnduroCalc Now Does Hundredths of a Mile!
Due to popular demand, EnduroCalc now supports hundredths of a mile for resets and free time.

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